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DBP: The Bible Content Brain

DBP: The Bible Content Brain

Providing God’s Word free-of-charge to every person takes the entire range of available technology. Even when the Bible is offered in audio, video, and text, people can get it only by using whatever methods are open to them at the time.

Isolated communities lacking infrastructure require Proclaimers; the Deaf need sign language videos; those in areas hostile to the Gospel can rely on satellite feeds; and the technologically blessed among us can access God’s Word via mobile apps, websites, podcasts, downloads, and Internet radio.

So how is all this accomplished? It’s all powered by the Digital Bible Platform.

The DBP is the cloud-based “brain” that houses an ever-increasing collection of digital Bible content in languages spoken or signed by billions worldwide. Every digital file is standardized into a format that is not dependent on operating system, making the content completely accessible and the future possibilities virtually unlimited. Whatever innovative technologies are on the horizon, and even those that have not yet been thought of, will ultimately be compatible with this digitized Bible delivery.

This amazing resource, freely available to developers and ministry partners through an open API (application programming interface), is already revolutionizing Bible access on a global scale. With over 200 million users receiving free Scripture in their own language through the many available channels, the future prospects are limitless.

If you are developer, webmaster, or Internet radio provider, please apply for free access to DBP content here.

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